Shortcutz NFF Special: Talent under 30


They have it all! They are driven, focused, creative, (super) young and they have their own cool voice. It’s impossible not be fascinated by them because they all also are interesting as hell! Join SHORTCUTZ at Nederlands Film Festival and let’s just soak all this ‘freshness’ in.

With the special guests:
FLOOR VAN DER MEULEN & THOMAS VROEGE directors (9 Days From My Window In Aleppo, Greetings From Aleppo)
ISABEL LAMBERTI director | screenwriter (Amor, Volando voy)
JONAS SMULDERS actor | screenwriter | director (Geen koningen in ons bloed, Broers)
SHADY EL-HAMUS director | screenwriter (Fairuz, Magnesium – writer)
SIGRID TEN NAPEL actress (Penoza, Prins)

Screening of short films:
Greetings from Aleppo directed by Floor van der Meulen & Thomas Vroege
Pensionado directed by Shariff Nasr, starring Sigrid ten Napel
Amor directed by Isabel Lamberti
Bestaan is Gaan directed by Shady El-Hamus, written by Jonas Smulders

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