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Acteur Gijs Naber te gast bij Shortcutz Amsterdam


Gijs is one of Holland’s most talented actors. He plays very diverse roles in films such as THE HEINEKEN KIDNAPPING, MAJESTEIT, VREEMD BLOED, LOFT and LANG EN GELUKKIG. In 2014 his work was awarded with the Gouden Kalf and the Angela Award for Best Actor for his role in the film AANMODDERFAKKER.

In 2017 Gijs has the lead role in HET VERLANGEN, DE VAL and OH BABY. TULIPANI, LOVE HONOUR AND A BIKE premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and was the opening film at NFF. Gijs also played in the hit Tv series PENOZA.

Gijs just finished shooting REDBAD, Roel Reiné’s historic, action-packed epic about the rise of Christianity and the sagas and ancient legends surrounding King Redbad.

In 2018 MY FOOLISH HEART will be released, a film about the last day of legendary jazz trumpeter Chet Baker.

Official Selection:

by Nils Vleugels | Fiction | 13:43

Willem is on the verge of becoming a father: his girlfriend’s contractions have started. When the irreversibility of his baby’s arrival dawns on him, Willem is besieged by a feeling of uselessness and acute fear of fatherhood

by Niels Bourgonje | Fiction | 10:43

While on vacation with his girlfriend, Gijs receives a phone call from his mother, that reveals her troubled mental state and their complex relationship.

NOVEMBER WINNER: Screening and Announcement of the JURY TEAM favourite movie in NOVEMBER.

Shortcutz 28 november 2017
Locatie: De Kring, Amsterdam
Tijd: 20.00 uur


Shortcutz Amsterdam stelt filmmakers in staat om hun werk aan een internationaal publiek te tonen en in een kleine en informele omgeving in discussie te treden met filmliefhebbers en andere vakmensen uit de filmindustrie.

Elke dinsdag om 20.00 uur in De Kring in Amsterdam strijden twee films om de nominatie voor beste film van de maand. Naast de korte films zijn er interviews met elke week een andere gast. Na de voorstelling heeft het publiek de kans om in discussie te gaan met de filmmakers, producenten of de crew van de films.

Entree is gratis en toegankelijk voor iedereen. Iedere dinsdag om 20:00 uur in De Kring, Amsterdam.